Silent Partner, 2000

Description:  The advertisement shows a series of everyday scenes, (train stations, hairdressers, gyms, office blocks, shopping malls, laundrettes) which were created to specifically draw the viewers attention to our ‘Silent Partner’. The advertisement is intended to demonstrate how electricity is an integral part of our daily lives by stripping these scenes of visible electronics, leaving… Continue Reading

Remote Control, 1998

Description: Television commercial featuring work of BAFTA nominee Oscar Grillo. The commercial features a toddler watching a cartoon of a dog using electrical appliances in colourful scenes. The child accidentally presses the TV remote and turns off the television. The toddler frowns in disappointment, but when his mother switches the television back on, his face… Continue Reading

ESB Stock Issue, 1983

ESB advertisement encouraging the public to avail of the opportunity to invest in the company's latest stock issue.

Big E Campaign 2, 1976

ESB animated advertisement highlighting the value for money offered by electricity in the use of domestic appliances.

Big E Campaign, 1976

Animated advertisement urging customers to use energy wisely and highlights the value of electricity, in comparison to other consumer items.