Moneypoint Power From Coal, 1985

Documentary detailing the construction and engineering milestones of Moneypoint Generation Station, Co. Clare, ESB’s first major coal burning generating station.

Karate Man, 1985

Commercial advertising price reductions for storage heating systems. Features karate man smashing electricity prices in half.

24 Hours, 1992

Award winning film showing a typical working day for ESB staff and their commitment to customer service.

Portarlington Peat Station, c.1950

Extract of dramatisation featuring a fictional young local farmer fascinated by the new peat generation station at Portarlington, Co. Laois.

Baby, 1986

Commercial depicting a father waking to feed his baby. Footage highlights how electricity enhances quality of life.

Going Back, 1988

Commercial depicting a son returning home. Highlights how electricity enhances the quality of life.

Dance, 1986

Commercial depicting a girl preparing to go to a dance, highlighting how electricity and electrical appliances enhance quality of life.