Making Money from Clean Milk, 1966

Film providing an educational account of the techniques required to produce clean milk on a small to medium sized farm and the important reasons for doing so as narrated by farmer Michael O’Riordan.

It emphasises the importance of a clean and plentiful water supply as provided through an electric water pump.

Opening scenes how Michael travelling to the local creamery [Mitchelstown Creamery, Co. Cork]  in his tractor travelling through his village.

When Michael arrives at the creamery his milk is tested for quality and hygienic purposes and sample is taken in test tubes to identity possible bacteria.

Scenes depict the step by step process that Michael undertakes to ensure he meets the most hygienic standards in the milking and care of his livestock including sterilisation of his milking equipment.

Film concludes with footage of cheese making and the important role and contribution of farmers in producing quality milk for the Irish economy.

Final scene shows Michael receiving his cheque from the creamery and driving happily back to his farm in his tractor.

Duration: 00:23:59
Format: 16mm, colour

Director: Kieran Hickey
Producers: P.Giri de Teramala, Des Hickey
Photography: Sean Corcoran
Sound: Colin Morrison
Lighting: Roland Hill
Editor: Pat Duffner
Script: Des Hickey, Advisor: Sean F. O’Donovan
Farmer: Michael O’Riordan