Turlough Hill, Workers Accounts, 1972

Original footage of the construction of Turlough Hill providing unique insights into the design, engineering and technical skills and social aspect of Turlough Hill including the laying of the historic asphaltic concrete.

Details excavations, conservation and environmental concerns. Includes footage of the landscape before development and excavation of St. Kevin’s Road once used by pilgrims to Glendalough.

Includes interviews with staff from the scheme including Grey Rogers, Chief Tour Guide, Anthony Murphy, Chief Civil Engineer, Brendan Brennan, Site Superintendant, John Driver, Turlough Hill worker and consultant Swedish engineer.

Includes social insights including workers facilities: canteen, administration buildings and mass in the Cavern.

Duration: 00:18:36
Format: 16mm, colour

Script: Michael Colley (Public Relations Officer ESB)
Editor: Merritt Butler
Sound: Ardmore and Peter Hunt Studios.
Directed and photographed by George Fleischmann