400kV Transmission Lines from Moneypoint, c.1986-1989

ESB technical documentary describing the design and construction of two 400kV transmission lines running from Moneypoint station to the main load stations on the east coast of Ireland. Documentary begins with aerial footage of the 900MW, coal fired power station at Moneypoint, completed in 1986.

Construction of the lines was carried out by ESB staff and phases included; feasibility and environmental impact studies; design; construction; way leaving and project management. Film includes footage of staff investigating soil characteristics; foundation proof testing; excavation; erection of tower and stringing operation.

Also includes animation explaining the laying of foundations, steel reinforcement, and stringing operation, also animation of a map of Ireland showing the layout of the two 400kV transmission lines from Moneypoint to the east coast. The project duration for the two 400kV lines from conception to commissioning was six years. Film concludes with ESB International brand.

Duration: 00:19:00

Editing: Isobel Stephenson
Animation: Theo Hogers
Narration: Jonathan Ryan
Technical advisors: Michael Buckley, John Hickey, Edward O’Connor
Directed and photographed by George Fleischmann