Modern Living Country Style, 1961

Short documentary filmed at the  Royal Dublin Society (RDS) Ballsbridge, Dublin on the occasion of the RDS’s Horse Show in 1961 detailing  how good design and electrical appliances can raise living standards.

Opening scenes show exterior shots of the RDS and spectators enjoying the horseshow.

Moves to ESB’s stand at the horseshow displaying a model of the transformation of an Irish farm kitchen brought up-to-date with the addition of modern electrical appliances while maintaining its traditional charm.

It shows how good design and electrical appliances can be used to raise living standards and at the same time reduce the work of the housewife noting good design will cut down the distance a housewife has to walk.

Interior  footage shows a traditional cottage with white walls, natural timber, redundant open hearth fire and  mantelpiece displaying traditional china.

Footage includes all the latest modern appliances in the home; kettle, cooker, storage heater, fridge and deep freeze, foodmixer,  irons, press irons, washing and drying machines. Highlights the benefits of piped and hot water in the home.

Duration: 00:05:48
Format, 16mm, colour

Introduced by: Francis Condell (Journalist)
Produced by B.A.C Studios