Power for Prosperity, 1963

Documentary on the story of electricity; one of the most significant contributions that science has made to every day life from innovators, Franklin, Farrady and Edison.

Summarises the development of electricity in Ireland, beginning with footage of the River Shannon, still footage of Ardnacrusha and expansion of the electricity network throughout the 1930s.

Charts the outbreak of World War Two, planning of the Rural Electrification Scheme with shots of ESB’s drawing office.

A map of Ireland is utilised to convey the development of the electricity network throughout the 1940s, 1950s.

Concludes with the benefits of electricity to Irish society in the home, agriculture and industry with construction footage in Dublin including Liberty Hall and housing developments.

Duration: 00:04:57
Format, 16mm, colour

Photography: Vincent Corcoran
Animation: Fischerkoesen
Director: Stanley Willis
Produced by A.C.T. Studios