The Female Electrician, 1992

ESB film regarding career opportunities for female electricians and engineers.

Traditionally a male dominated field, the film highlights the role of the ESB as an equal opportunity employer, promoting the recruitment and development of women within the industry. The film demonstrates ESB’s commitment to bringing women into trade areas, joining those already working in power stations and regions.

In the stations, work consists of installation and maintenance of generators, boilers and turbines. Footage depicts women carrying out these roles, as well as technologically advanced work such as programming of computers, installing and maintaining cables, transformers, switch gear and fault finding.

Includes footage and staff accounts/interviews with women regarding their roles within ESB; Theresa McCormack, area electrician, Castlebar, Co. Mayo; Emer Roach, generation electrician, Hydro Group, Poulaphouca and Turlough Hill and Adrienne Behan, metering electrician, Dublin region.

Film discusses entry into electrical and mechanical apprenticeships and lays out the basic requirements for entry, in each subject in the group and intermediate certificate.

Film concludes thanking  staff who helped make the programme.

Duration: 00:12:06

Produced and directed by Terry Haughton