A Future in Fish, 1994

Documentary providing overview of ESB’s salmon and eel conservation and research management programmes.

In 1935 ESB was given statutory responsibility for the management and development of all fisheries on the River Shannon.The documentary details ESB’s conservation programme providing an overview of the salmon and eel management programme.Includes interviews with leading scientists, academics and personnel from the Department of the Marine and Central Fisheries Board who all worked on the redesigned programme.

Opening scenes of fishing and the role of fisheries in the Irish economy.Infographics are used throughout to explain the life cycles of eel and salmon.Includes footage of the construction of Ardnacrusha on the River Shannon.Details the foundation of the management programme divided into three main categories: Research and Assessment, Year – Round Work and Evaluation.

Cyril O’Dowd, Generation Manager, Hydro Group, ESB provides an overview about the construction of fish passes at dams and restocking at hatcherys.Further contributions provided throughout the documentary by leading experts include: Dr. Martin O’Farrell, ESB Fisheries Consultant; Dr. Tom Cross, Department of Zoology, University College Cork; Professor Noel Wilkins, Department of Zoology, University College Galway; Paddy Barry, Hatchery Manager, Salmara Fisheries Ltd. Parteen Hatchery;  Dr. Kieran McCarthy, Department of Zoology, University College Galway; Niall O’Maoileidigh, Assistant Inspector of Fisheries, Department of Marine; Dr. Julian Reynolds, Department of Zoology, Trinity College Dublin and Martin O’Grady, Senior Research Officer, Central Fisheries Board.

Footage includes: Salmara Hatchery at Parteen; monitoring of eels at Killaloe, fish tagging  at Hatchery, underwater surveys of fish stock, genetic analysis of salmon in laboratories, hatchery fertilisation, planting of unfed fry and blast freezing of eels in Thomand Weir, Limerick for export.

Documentary notes that the programme planted 4.5 million unfed fry in the Shannon region annually. As a direct result from the conservation programme, in 1993 ESB donated 250,000 eggs to salmon restoration effors on the River Thames and River Rhine.

Documentary concludes that the programme established scientific basis for the proper management of fisheries on the Shannon.

Duration: 00:30:00

Produced by Agtel Communications for ESB