Turlough Hill, Peak Power, 1975

Documentary telling the story of Turlough Hill, the largest civil engineering pumped storage project of its time in Ireland, designed by ESB Civil Engineers.

Documents the construction time of the project which took six years to build, at a cost of £21million.

Includes animations explaining the operation of the station.

Includes blasting footage, engineering statistics of the project including the removal of 1 million tonnes of peat, 300,000 tonnes of concrete and 2000 feet of tunnel blasted.

Provides social insights into the project: recording that 350 men lived on the site, many of whom returned back to Ireland for the project.

Includes footage of workers in canteen and transport footage of ESB vehicles navigating Wicklow landscape with massive engineering equipment, through villages of Roundwood, Laragh and Wicklow Gap.

Provides footage of the establishment of asphalt factory on site and notes that it was the first time the technique had been used in Ireland, rolling out 51,000 tonnes of asphalt lining. Notes the reservoir had the capacity to hold 500 million gallons of water.

Includes footage of the construction of transformer and transmission compound, footage of control room and operation of hydro stations at Poulaphouca and Golden Falls.

Duration: 00:22:16
Format: 16mm, colour

Script: Michael Colley (Public Relations Officer ESB)
Editor: Merritt Butler
Sound: Liam Saurin
Music: Gerard Victory
Narrated by Eamonn Andrews
Directed and photographed by George Fleischmann