Rural Electrification promotional film, c.1955

Description: Promotional film regarding the Rural Electrification Scheme and its progress. Opening scenes depict the planning of the Rural Electrification Scheme, with shots of the Rural Electrification Office. Includes further scenes of the raising and climbing of a pole and laying of cables by the wiring gang.

Depicts manual farming and domestic scenes by rural men and women and highlights the transformative benefits of rural electrification, as electric pumps bring water to domestic scenes and farming tasks, with footage of a electrical ran milking parlour, infrared lamps in piggeries and poultry farms, welding and drying of grain. Narration describes agriculture as being the basis of the Irish economy and with the aid of electricity it will lead to farming efficiency and increased production.

In this new era of development, new power stations will anticipate the nation’s needs in agriculture and industry. Documentary concludes noting ‘our prosperity depends on progress and progress depends on power.’

Duration: 00:02:42

Format: 16mm, black and white