Partners in Power, 1982

Documentary highlighting the role played by ESB in the expansion and development of the electricity industry abroad through ESB’s consultancy operations, known today as ESB International.

Opening scenes from Dublin Airport with the arrival of students from Africa and Middle East descending from an Aer Lingus aeroplane.

Includes scenes of Dublin City, O’Connell Street, Grand Canal and ESB’s Head Office on Fitzwilliam Street.

Depicts generation map of ESB’s stations hydro, coal, oil, peat and gas stations throughout Ireland including Turlough Hill, Co. Wicklow.

Provides footage of ESB staff working at the Central load dispatch office and showcasing the latest computer technology across ESB to the students. Shows students at ESB’s generation school, in generation stations and ESB’s line training school.

Scenes of students in classroom, training on ESB’s stimulator and exterior footage of practical skills training in installations of transformers, live line work, safety precautions.

Includes footage of recreational activities for students at ESB’s sports complex Sportsco, Dublin with scenes of students swimming, playing tennis and table tennis.

Aerial views from helicopter depict agricultural scenes and ESB staff surveying the transmission and distribution networks throughout rural areas.

Students were also trained in ESB’s customer operations with footage including ESB personnel across various departments including financial, automatic billing, delivery of sales and appliances to customers in rural Ireland.

Footage also includes ESB’s specialised training centre focussing on design, construction and installation of metering and circuit facilities for commercial, domestic and industrial activities.

Includes scenes of ESB personnel providing consultancy services in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. Scenes from Bahrain depict camels in the desert, men, women and children going about their daily lives. Shows ESB personnel along with Bahraini managers laying cables, working on rural electrification projects, developing consumer services and new technologies. Scenes of  training of Bahraini apprentices in all aspects of repairs and operation of generation plants under classroom and practical instruction.

Documentary ends with footage of ESB personnel in Saudi Arabia training and working alongside Saudi Arabian personnel on the construction of generation stations and associated networks providing electricity infrastructure for social and economic development.

Duration: 00:10:46
Format: 16mm, colour

Script: Michael Colley (ESB)
Editors: Meiert Avis, Des Irvine,
Narration: Dennis Brennan
Photographed and produced by George Fleischmann