ESB Stock Issue Advertisement, 1977

ESB advertisement offering attractive returns to investors on the company’s latest stock issue.

Narrated footage asks consumers to invest in Ireland’s ‘power for progress’ and highlights  ESB’s investment in industry, jobs, homes and exports. Money to expands Ireland’s power industry comes from the consumers investment. The advertisement advises the public of an opportunity to invest in two new ESB stocks by 18 May 1977.

The different interest rates on offer are explained; 9% interest rate plus 20% tax free bonus in the short term or 13% interest in the long term. The advantages of investing are explained;  interest is paid twice a year, free of capital gains tax and both stocks are government guaranteed trustee securities.

Apply through your bank, stockbroker or ESB office.

Duration: 00:00:47

Advertising agency: O’Keeffe’s Advertising