Poolbeg, Story of a Generation Station, 1977

Documentary detailing the planning and construction of a new oil fired, 290MW power station at Poolbeg, Dublin. The construction of the project was planned to meet the increasing electricity requirements of Dublin city. Provides footage of personnel at work, the design and engineering of the power station over a five year period.

Film begins with scenes of Dublin Bay and Poolbeg Lighthouse before the construction of the new station. Details the design, engineering and technical details of the power station. Footage includes ESB staff at work in drawing office and computer rooms in ESB Head Office in Fitzwilliam Street.

Details the beginning of the construction, welding scenes, concrete foundation and statistics of the power station noting that the chimney will rise to 207 meters and when completed will be the highest structure in Dublin. Notes that 75,000 tonnes of concrete will be poured into the foundations.

Scenes include: steel work being manufactured in factory, structural elements of boiler house, site preparation of oil storage tanks and cranes on site.

Details  various stages of construction including aerial and ground footage of cooling water pump house, divers, engine room, safety regulations and testing,  programming office and project management of construction,  operation of control room, model of Pool beg used by engineers on the project to aid the decision making process , skilled operators at work, cabling process, assembly of switchgear, positioning of electric circuits, erection of jetty oil pipes , fuel oil pump house and water treatment plant.

Momentous project milestones are recorded including transport scenes: arrival of generator, noting turbines generator manufactured in Switzerland, delivery of 220kv transformer to site, arrival of first Russian tanker to berth at the new power station on 26th November 1970; testing of generation plant and commissioning of plant for the first time.

Film closes with scenes of Dublin bay and fisherman with Poolbeg tower in the background.

Duration: 00:32:42
Format: 16mm, colour

Script: John Kelleher
Editing: Merritt Butler
Narration: Maurice O’Sullivan
Sound: Liam Saurin
Photographed and produced by George Fleischmann