Task Force ’87, 1987

Film documenting the work of ESB crews who travelled to the UK to assist in the restoration of power following severe storm damage.

The work was difficult and slow, with 75,000 miles of line down and 40,000 separate faults to be identified and repaired. Nearly 300 linesmen, their supervisors and engineers were assembled for the ‘mercy mission.’

Film begins with footage of several ESB vans driving to assist in the restoration of power after unprecedented damage. Includes shots of the aftermath of the storm; fallen trees; damaged lines; men felling trees and working up poles. Features a number of interviews with the ESB and the English utilities personnel, regarding the role of ESB crews in the restoration; reaction of locals; differences in infrastructure and problems encountered. Includes interviews with ESB engineer, Donal Curtin, worker director, Seamus Kearney and President of the Linesman Association, John Heslin.

Film concludes with shots of men from the ESB crews returning home and includes audio from a news excerpt by Gay Byrne, stating the crews were highly commended by the National Co-ordinating Council in the electricity industry in Britain. Also features shots of newspaper articles concerning the ESB crews from The Daily Telegraph, The Cork Examiner and The Irish Times.

Duration: 00:21:33

Produced by Audio Visual Unit, Public Affairs, ESB