Moving Eye 2, 1998

TV Commercial first aired 16 September 1998.

This advertisement is the sequel to the first “Moving Eye” commercial, which first aired in 1997. Both advertisements feature panning cameras with “pace and momentum” and smooth transitions between scenes. They feature shots of electricity being used in all ranges of Irish and international life. Both commercials share the tagline “Where do they get their energy?”, which was also used in print advertisements in this period.

The commercial features diverse images of a printing works, an old man a thatched cottage, a film set, an Icelandic woman, a virtual world, a busy office block and a carousel. These scenes are accompanied by a gentle and original score composed by Gavin Friday and Maurice Seezer and by the odd simple phrase spoken in rich tones.

Duration: 1:00


Production: CDP Associates, Speers Film

Post-production: The Picture Company

Score: Gavin Friday and Maurice Seezer