Liquid Asset, 1967

Film documenting the benefits and process of the installation of piper water in a rural farm and home. Produced at a time when an estimated 200,000 rural homes were without a piped water supply.

The film tells the story of a newly married fictional couple, John and Kathleen. John is a farmer who has inherited a cottage and farm and Kathleen comes from the town. While the cottage has an electricity supply there is no piped water.

Opening scenes depict a typical Irish town and main street and farmers ploughing in the fields by hand. Moves onto the wedding of John and Kathleen. When the couple return home from their honeymoon Kathleen realises that her home is without the most essential service – piped water. The film details how the couple carry out their own investigations to get piped water into their home.

John visits a neighbouring farmer who is enjoying the benefits of piped water on his farm while John struggles to milk his cows by hand. Meanwhile Kathleen is struggling carrying water from the local pump back to her home.

John visits the ESB showroom in town where he learns about the benefits and grants available for the installation of piped water on the farm. Following a visit by an ESB advisor to their home and farm work commences on the installation of a well and piped water.

The film concludes with fast forwarding one to two years, John and Kathleen now have a baby and are enjoying the many benefits that piped water has brought to them, allowing them more quality time with family and friends..

Duration: 00:19:50
Format: 16mm, colour

Actors: Kathleen Bowes, John Williams, Gerry Dorman, Tom Power, Bob O’Reilly
Photography: Paddy McNamee
Sound: Paddy McBreen
Music: Terry Odlum
Producer: Tom McDermott
Direction and script: Tim Costello
Produced by Dublin Film Unit