Shannon Scheme photos from Jack Feeney

This set of photographs was taken in the late 1920s and belongs to Rosie McNamara (nee Feeney) whose father and grandfather both worked on the construction of the Shannon Scheme.

Rosie’s grandfather Peter Feeney previously worked as an engine driver at the Marconi Communications station in Derrigimlagh, Clifden. The Marconi station closed in 1922 and Peter briefly sought work in England before returning to Ireland to work on the Shannon Scheme. He was later joined by his sons Jack (Rosie’s father) and Patrick (Rosie’s uncle) who worked on the scheme for a number of years.

We are very grateful to Rosie for sharing these digitised photos with us.


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  1. Many thanks for this posing and all the other excellent postings, Brendan led a I.H.A.I. trip down to the Limerick Area the weekend before last which included a trip to Ard Na Crusha, it was amazing and it was good to see these photos.

    Take care



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