Computers in ESB in the 1980s

  • ESB Head Office Computers, tape drive system 1987
  • ESB Computer Billing Data processing head office 1987
  • ESB Computer Section, data processing, 1986
  • ESB Head Office Computers 1987
  • ESB Head Office Computers 1987, VAX system, technical computing services.
  • ESB Computer Applications Division, New Systems Development Area, 1987
  • ESB Head Office Computers 1987
  • ESB Fleet St. computers
  • ESBComputer Section, Data Processing, 1986

ESB was a pioneer in the early days of computerisation and quickly recognised the value of new technology in enhancing customer service. See our previous post about first IBM computers installed in ESB in the early 1960s.

We’ve included a selection of IT related photos from the 1980s in our slideshow above. All, except one, were taken at our Head Office in Fitzwilliam St, Dublin 2.

Bill-Rutherford - Former ESB IT Manager

One of the many people involved with ESB’s IT history was Bill Rutherford. During his 44 year career, Bill worked in various IT roles which included computer programmer, systems analyst and IT manager. 

You can read about Bill’s experiences of working on major ESB IT projects in his testimony for the TechArchives website.