ESBComputer Section, Data Processing, 1986

Computers in ESB in the 1980s

ESB was a pioneer in the early days of computerisation and quickly recognised the value of new technology in enhancing customer service. See our previous post about first IBM computers installed in ESB in the early 1960s. We’ve included a selection of IT related photos from the 1980s in our slideshow above. All, except one,… Continue Reading

Switched on, Plugged in, 1989

Educational documentary produced for ESB explaining the technical aspects of electricity generation and distribution and the contribution of ESB to Irish society.

The first computers in ESB

In 1961 ESB installed an IBM 650 computer, the first of its kind in Ireland, to provide a more efficient customer billing system. Previously a punch card system was in operation since 1932 in the Accounts Department. ESB made history on 17th June 1964 when Ireland’s largest computer installation, the IBM 1401 went into operation. … Continue Reading