Oldtown switches on again

Oldtown switches on again

Oldtown in North Co Dublin was the first rural area connected as part of the Rural Electric Scheme in Jan
Rural demonstration in Lislin, Co Cavan August 1957

Call for stories on Ireland’s Rural Electrification scheme

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Rural electrification of Knockananna, Co Wicklow in 1958

Area: Knockananna Started: July 1957 Finished: April 1958 Poles used: 1014 Line used (km): 99 Premises connected: 260 The figures above were sourced from our

Rural electrification of Drumlish, Co Longford in 1952

Area: Drumlish Started: March 1952 Finished: November 1952 Poles used: 1071 Line used (km): 103 Premises connected: 214 The figures above were

Rural electrification of Kilashee, Co Longford in 1952

Area: Kilashee Started: October 1951 Finished: May 1952 Poles used: 1105 Line used (km): 105 Premises connected: 105 The figures above

Rural electrification of Tyrrellspass, Co Westmeath in 1950

Area: Tyrrellspass Started: September 1949 Finished: April 1950 Poles used: 667 Line used (km): 59 Premises connected: 58 The figures

Rural electrification of St. Johns, Co Kilkenny in 1953

Area: St. Johns Started: February 1952 Finished: January 1953 Poles used: 682 Line used (km): 65 Premises connected: 206 The figures

Rural electrification of Hollymount, Co Mayo in 1950

Area: Hollymount Started: July 1949 Finished: April 1950 Poles used: 1125 Line used (km): 81 Premises connected: 251 The figures

Rural electrification of Ballyfarnon, Co Roscommon in 1953

Area: Ballyfarnon Started: October 1952 Finished: August 1953 Poles used: 418 Line used (km): 34 Premises connected: 114 The figures above

Rural electrification of Kiltyclogher, Co Leitrim in 1952

Area: Kiltyclogher Started: June 1951 Finished: August 1952 Poles used: 788 Line used (km): 67 Premises connected: 156 The figures above were

Rural electrification of Ballingarry, Co Tipperary in 1949

Area: Ballingarry Started: August 1948 Finished: May 1949 Poles used: 700 Line used (km): 66 Premises connected: 95 The figures above were sourced from

Rural electrification of Shinrone, Co Offaly in 1949

Area: Shinrone Started: January  1949 Finished: July 1949 Poles used: 931 Line used (km): 77 Premises connected: 203 The figures above were sourced from our

Rural electrification of Ballinlough, Co Mayo in 1952

Area: Ballinlough Started: December 1950 Finished: June 1952 Poles used: 974 Line used (km): 85 Premises connected: 430 The figures above were sourced

Rural electrification of Woodford, Co Galway in 1953

Area: Woodford Started: May 1952 Finished: September 1953 Poles used: 1380 Line used (km): 118 Premises connected: 344 The figures above

Rural electrification of Gowna, Co Cavan in 1949

Area: Gowna Started: February 1948 Finished: April  1949 Poles used: 543 Line used (km): 45 Premises connected: 103 The figures above were sourced from