Rural electrification of Coone , Co Kilkenny in 1959

Area: Coone Started: June 1958 Finished: May 1959 Poles used: 1257 Line used (km): 121 Premises connected: 270 The figures above were sourced from our REO

Rural electrification of Ardfert, Co Kerry in 1949

Area: Ardfert Started: August 1948 Finished: April 1949 Poles used: 1078 Line used (km): 82 Premises connected: 207 The figures above were sourced from our REO

Rural electrification of Drumcliffe, Co Sligo in 1949

Area: Drumcliffe Started: August 1948 Finished: August 1949 Poles used: 680 Line used (km): 56 Premises connected: 65 The figures above were sourced from our

Rural electrification of Templetuohy, Co Tipperary in 1950

Area: Templetuohy Started: December 1949 Finished: August 1950 Poles used: 1045 Line used (km): 97 Premises connected: 260 The figures above

Rural electrification of Haggardstown, Co Louth in 1949

Area: Haggardstown Started: January 1949 Finished: December 1949 Poles used: 1098 Line used (km): 99 Premises connected: 450 The figures above were sourced from our REO

Rural electrification of Galbally, Co Limerick in 1956

Area: Galbally Started: December 1955 Finished: October 1956 Poles used: 773 Line used (km): 81 Premises connected: 21 The figures above were