Rural electrification of Kilpeddar , Co Wicklow in 1949

Area: Kilpeddar Started: January 1949 Finished: August 1949 Poles used: 539 Line used (km): 43 Premises connected: 118 The figures above were sourced from our REO

Rural electrification of Ballyhenry, Co Wicklow in 1952

Area: Ballyhenry Started: June 1951 Finished: April 1952 Poles used: 632 Line used (km): 54 Premises connected: 60 The figures above
Killinure-map portlaoise

Rural electrification of Killinure, Co Wicklow in 1954

Area: Killinure Started: August 1953 Finished: June 1954 Poles used: 1050 Line used (km): 103 Premises connected: 258 The figures above were sourced from

Rural electrification of Kilbride, Co Wicklow in 1948

Area: Kilbride Started: December 1947 Finished: May 1948 Poles used: 1011 Line used (km): 92 Premises connected: 235 The figures above were sourced from our

Rural electrification of Tomacork, Co Wicklow in 1955

Area: Tomacork Started: April 1955 Finished: December 1955 Poles used: 1091 Line used (km): 99 Premises connected: 228 The figures above were sourced from our REO