Connecting Tipperary to the national grid

Connecting Tipperary to the national grid

Electricity in the county before ESB Tipperary had electricity before the establishment of ESB in 1927. ESB's annual reports record
Tipperary rural areas

Tipperary rural areas

Read about the 57 rural areas in Co Tipperary connected through the rural electrification scheme between 1948 and 1961

Rural electrification of Birdhill, Co Tipperary in 1956

Area: Birdhill Started: September 1955 Finished: August 1956 Poles used: 1603 Line used (km): 135 Premises connected: 267 The figures above

Rural electrification of Toor, Co Tipperary in 1961

Area: Toor Started: December 1960 Finished: April 1961 Poles used: 748 Line used (km): 65 Premises connected: 121 The figures above were sourced from our REO

Rural electrification of Upperchurch, Co Tipperary in 1958

Area: Upperchurch Started: Apri 1957 Finished: July 1958 Poles used: 1968 Line used (km): 174 Premises connected: 460 The figures above were sourced from our REO

Rural electrification of Moyne, Co Tipperary in 1949

Area: Moyne Started: August 1948 Finished: March 1949 Poles used: 909 Line used (km): 68 Premises connected: 86 The figures above were sourced from our REO

Rural electrification of Anglesboro, Co Tipperary in 1957

Area: Anglesboro Started: July 1956 Finished: March 1957 Poles used: 1246 Line used (km): 115 Premises connected: 333 The figures above were

Rural electrification of Cashel, Co Tipperary in 1957

Area: Cashel Started: April 1957 Finished: November 1957 Poles used: 1202 Line used (km): 102 Premises connected: 175 The figures above

Rural electrification of Emly, Co Tipperary in 1949

Area: Emly Started: August 1948 Finished: March 1949 Poles used: 1641 Line used (km): 140 Premises connected: 560 The figures above were sourced from

Rural electrification of Powerstown, Co Tipperary in 1953

Area: Powerstown Started: December 1952 Finished: July 1953 Poles used: 634 Line used (km): 59 Premises connected: 63 The figures above

Rural electrification of Templetuohy, Co Tipperary in 1950

Area: Templetuohy Started: December 1949 Finished: August 1950 Poles used: 1045 Line used (km): 97 Premises connected: 260 The figures above

Rural electrification of Tipperary, Co Tipperary in 1950

Area: Tipperary Started: February 1950 Finished: May 1950 Poles used: 795 Line used (km): 64 Premises connected: 130 The figures above

Rural electrification of Annacarty, Co Tipperary in 1953

Area: Annacarty Started: January 1953 Finished: September 1953 Poles used: 1575 Line used (km): 130 Premises connected: 222 The figures above

Rural electrification of Templederry, Co Tipperary in 1957

Area: Templederry Started: July 1956 Finished: January 1957 Poles used: 1384 Line used (km): 122 Premises connected: 326 The figures above

Rural electrification of Rathurles, Co Tipperary in 1952

Area: Rathurles Started: March 1952 Finished: November 1952 Poles used: 1076 Line used (km): 101 Premises connected: 177 The figures above