Shannonbridge (1964-2003)

Shannonbridge (1964-2003)

This was a peat station commissioned in 1964.
This is a decommissioned station
Rhode (1960-2003)

Rhode (1960-2003)

This was a pear station commission in 1960
This station was decommissioned in 2003.
Connecting Offaly to the national grid

Connecting Offaly to the national grid

Electricity in the county before ESB Offaly had electricity before the establishment of ESB in 1927. ESB's annual reports record
Offaly rural areas

Offaly rural areas

This week, we're launching the Co Offaly rural areas online in our bid to create individual posts for each of

Rural electrification of Kinnitty, Co Offaly in 1955

Area: Kinnitty Started: December 1954 Finished: July 1955 Poles used: 685 Line used (km): 62 Premises connected: 110 The figures

Rural electrification of Bishopswood, Co Offaly in 1957

Area: Bishopswood Started: July 1957 Finished: November 1957 Poles used: 360 Line used (km): 32 Premises connected: 90 The figures above were sourced

Rural electrification of Rhode, Co Offaly in 1953

Area: Rhode Started: January 1953 Finished: July 1953 Poles used: 1190 Line used (km): 102 Premises connected: 242 The figures above

Rural electrification of Shinrone, Co Offaly in 1949

Area: Shinrone Started: January  1949 Finished: July 1949 Poles used: 931 Line used (km): 77 Premises connected: 203 The figures above were sourced from our

Rural electrification of Fivealley, Co Offaly in 1961

Area: Fivealley Started: May 1961 Finished: September 1961 Poles used: 720 Line used (km): 62 Premises connected: 50 The figures

Rural electrification of Rahan, Co Offaly in 1953

Area: Rahan Started: June 1952 Finished: February 1953 Poles used: 900 Line used (km): 80 Premises connected: 280 The figures above

Rural electrification of Kilcoleman, Co Offaly in 1961

Area: Kilcoleman Started: May 1961 Finished: November 1961 Poles used: 630 Line used (km): 47 Premises connected: 140 The figures

Rural electrification of Mountbolus, Co Offaly in 1961

Area: Mountbolus Started: December 1960 Finished: May 1961 Poles used: 1570 Line used (km): 133 Premises connected: 80 The figures above

Rural electrification of Cangort, Co Offaly in 1961

Area: Cangort Started: April 1961 Finished: July 1961 Poles used: 392 Line used (km): 38 Premises connected: 12 The figures above

Rural electrification of Pollagh, Co Offaly in 1960

Area: Pollagh Started: May 1960 Finished: December 1960 Poles used: 1250 Line used (km): 107 Premises connected: 130 The figures above were

Rural electrification of Moneygall, Co Offaly in 1961

Area: Moneygall Started: August 1960 Finished: May 1961 Poles used: 1233 Line used (km): 98 Premises connected: 130 The figures