Rural electrification of Killian, Co Galway in 1956

Area: Killian Started: September 1955 Finished: March 1956 Poles used: 783 Line used (km): 70 Premises connected: 140 The figures above

Rural electrification of Ballinamore, Co Galway in 1954

Area: Ballinamore Started: August 1953 Finished: April 1954 Poles used: 898 Line used (km): 85 Premises connected: 270 The figures

Rural electrification of Mountbellew, Co Galway in 1951

Area: Mountbellew Started: August 1950 Finished: April 1951 Poles used: 1019 Line used (km): 84 Premises connected: 210 The figures

Rural electrification of Killure, Co Galway in 1956

Area: Killure Started: December 1955 Finished: June 1956 Poles used: 587 Line used (km): 54 Premises connected: 80 The figures

Rural electrification of Aughrim, Co Galway in 1951

Area: Aughrim Started: August 1950 Finished: March 1951 Poles used: 659 Line used (km): 60 Premises connected: 118 The figures

Rural electrification of Laurencetown, Co Galway in 1951

Area: Laurencetown Started: December 1950 Finished: July 1951 Poles used: 850 Line used (km): 81 Premises connected: 193 The figures

Rural electrification of Clontuskert, Co Galway in 1962

Area: Clontuskert Started: January 1962 Finished: May 1962 Poles used: 998 Line used (km): 84 Premises connected: 259 The figures

Rural electrification of Liskeevy, Co Galway in 1956

Area: Liskeevy Started: September 1955 Finished: February 1956 Poles used: 670 Line used (km): 68 Premises connected: 90 The figures above

Rural electrification of Ahascragh, Co Galway in 1961

Area: Ahascragh Started: July 1961 Finished: December 1961 Poles used: 1090 Line used (km): 100 Premises connected: 342 The figures

Rural electrification of Dunmore, Co Galway in 1949

Area: Dunmore Started: September 1948 Finished: April 1949 Poles used: 1022 Line used (km): 74 Premises connected: 286 The figures above were sourced from our REO

Rural electrification of Killimor, Co Galway in 1949

Area: Killimor Started: August 1948 Finished: April 1949 Poles used: 997 Line used (km): 86 Premises connected: 282 The figures above were sourced from our

Rural electrification of Cnoc Breac, Co Galway in 1955

Area: Cnoc Breac Started: December 1954 Finished: June 1955 Poles used: 914 Line used (km): 92 Premises connected: 229 The figures

Rural electrification of Gortymadden, Co Galway in 1955

Area: Gortymadden Started: September 1954 Finished: September 1955 Poles used: 856 Line used (km): 78 Premises connected: 201 The figures

Rural electrification of Killeen/Portumna, Co Galway in 1952

Area: Killeen/Portumna Started: October 1951 Finished: April 1952 Poles used: 831 Line used (km): 75 Premises connected: 210 The figures above

Rural electrification of Kilrickle, Co Galway in 1955

Area: Kilrickle Started: September 1954 Finished: July 1955 Poles used: 935 Line used (km): 84 Premises connected: 240 The figures above