Rural electrification of Lispole, Co Kerry in 1954

Area: Lispole Started: August 1953 Finished: January 1954 Poles used: 579 Line used (km): 50 Premises connected: 182 The figures above

Rural electrification of Ballylynan, Co Laois in 1955

Area: Ballylynan Started: June 1954 Finished: June 1955 Poles used: 1305 Line used (km): 114 Premises connected: 380 The figures

Rural electrification of Kilmead, Co Kildare in 1954

Area: Kilmead Started: August 1953 Finished: October 1954 Poles used: 1278 Line used (km): 109 Premises connected: 276 The figures above

Rural electrification of Allen, Co Kildare in 1952

Area: Allen Started: June 1951 Finished: March 1952 Poles used: 671 Line used (km): 53 Premises connected: 260 The figures above were sourced from

Rural electrification of Ballynacarrigy, Co Westmeath in 1950

Area: Ballynacarrigy Started: July 1950 Finished: December 1950 Poles used: 654 Line used (km): 60 Premises connected: 120 The figures

Rural electrification of Delvin, Co Westmeath in 1950

Area: Delvin Started: May 1950 Finished: October 1950 Poles used: 972 Line used (km): 84 Premises connected: 104 The figures above

Rural electrification of Owning, Co Kilkenny in 1951

Area: Owning Started: April 1950 Finished: March 1951 Poles used: 822 Line used (km): 69 Premises connected: 174 The figures above were

Rural electrification of Ardoughter, Co Kerry in 1950

Area: Ardoughter Started: January 1950 Finished: September 1950 Poles used: 709 Line used (km): 63 Premises connected: 146 The figures above

Rural electrification of Stoneyford, Co Kilkenny in 1950

Area: Stoneyford Started: December 1949 Finished: October 1950 Poles used: 780 Line used (km): 68 Premises connected: 145 The figures

Rural electrification of Knocknagoshel, Co Kerry in 1955

Area: Knocknagoshel Started: September 1954 Finished: March 1955 Poles used: 1315 Line used (km): 114 Premises connected: 200 The figures

Rural electrification of Abbeydorney, Co Kerry in 1950

Area: Abbeydorney Started: April 1950 Finished: December 1950 Poles used: 961 Line used (km): 88 Premises connected: 104 The figures above

Rural electrification of Ardfert, Co Kerry in 1949

Area: Ardfert Started: August 1948 Finished: April 1949 Poles used: 1078 Line used (km): 82 Premises connected: 207 The figures above were sourced from our REO

Rural electrification of Curry, Co Sligo in 1956

Area: Curry Started: June 1956 Finished: August 1956 Poles used: 1121 Line used (km): 106 Premises connected: 420 The figures above were sourced from our REO

Rural electrification of Anglesboro, Co Tipperary in 1957

Area: Anglesboro Started: July 1956 Finished: March 1957 Poles used: 1246 Line used (km): 115 Premises connected: 333 The figures above were

Rural electrification of Rathurles, Co Tipperary in 1952

Area: Rathurles Started: March 1952 Finished: November 1952 Poles used: 1076 Line used (km): 101 Premises connected: 177 The figures above