Rural memories: Jerry Corbett, Cork

Rural memories: Jerry Corbett, Cork

Jerry Corbett joined ESB at the age of 13 in 1932, meaning that he had 52 years of service at the
'A cry from the heart for electricity'

‘A cry from the heart for electricity’

To celebrate International Children's Day today, here's a heartfelt letter written from Anna, a 10-year-old girl from Wexford, to the

Rural electrification of Bennettsbridge, Co Kilkenny in 1953

Area: Bennettsbridge Started: January 1953 Finished: November 1953 Poles used: 940 Line used (km): 86 Premises connected: 80 The figures above

Rural electrification of Collinstown, Co Westmeath in 1953

Area: Collinstown Started: January 1953 Finished: August 1953 Poles used: 796 Line used (km): 77 Premises connected: 40 The figures

Rural electrification of Castlebridge, Co Wexford in 1953

Area: Castlebridge Started: December 1952 Finished: April 1953 Poles used: 950 Line used (km): 70 Premises connected: 54 The figures above were sourced from our REO

Rural electrification of Mountgordon, Co Mayo in 1953

Area: Mountgordon Started: October 1952 Finished: April 1953 Poles used: 745 Line used (km): 62 Premises connected: 247 The figures above were sourced from our REO

Rural electrification of Annayalla, Co Monaghan in 1953

Area: Annayalla Started: August 1952 Finished: September 1953 Poles used: 1204 Line used (km): 105 Premises connected: 337 The figures above were sourced from our REO

Rural electrification of Kilmore, Co Wexford in 1953

Area: Kilmore Started: August 1952 Finished: March 1953 Poles used: 1141 Line used (km): 109 Premises connected: 307 The figures above were sourced from our REO

Rural electrification of Oylegate, Co Wexford in 1953

Area: Oylegate Started: August 1952 Finished: January 1953 Poles used: 753 Line used (km): 70 Premises connected: 154 The figures above were sourced from our REO

Rural electrification of Whitechurch, Co Wexford in 1953

Area: Whitchurch Started: August 1952 Finished: August 1953 Poles used: 715 Line used (km): 66 Premises connected: 236 The figures above were sourced from our REO

Rural electrification of Three Castles, Co Kilkenny in 1953

Area: Three Castles Started: June 1952 Finished: February 1953 Poles used: 918 Line used (km): 91 Premises connected: 150 The

Rural electrification of Scotshouse, Co Monaghan in 1953

Area: Scotshouse Started: March 1952 Finished: February 1953 Poles used: 1536 Line used (km): 120 Premises connected: 377 The figures above were sourced from our REO

Rural electrification of Bunratty, Co Clare in 1953

Area: Bunratty Started: August 1952 Finished: April 1953 Poles used: 1295 Line used (km): 107 Premises connected: 320 The figures above were sourced from our REO

Rural electrification of Kileentierna, Co Kerry in 1953

Area: Kileentierna Started: December 1952 Finished: June 1953 Poles used: 1185 Line used (km): 107 Premises connected: 211 The figures above

Rural electrification of Kilclone, Co Meath in 1953

Area: Kilclone Started: October 1952 Finished: July 1953 Poles used: 1143 Line used (km): 92 Premises connected: 176 The figures above were