Turlough Hill

Turlough Hill_Reservoir Full


County: Wicklow
Fuel type: Pumped storage
Capacity: 292MW
Status: Active
Commissioned: 1974


Turlough Hill, Ireland’s only pumped storage power station, located in the scenic Wicklow Mountains, was brought into commercial operation in 1974. Construction on the site 60km south of Dublin city first began in 1968, an innovative and environmentally-friendly project which was the largest civil engineering operation ever undertaken in the country at that time.

The station generates up to 292MW during peak demand periods and can go from standstill to full capacity in around 70 seconds by releasing water from the upper reservoir and allowing it to flow through four turbines into the lower reservoir. During periods of lower demand, water is pumped back to the upper reservoir, ready to be used again. This helps flatten the ‘demand curve’ for electricity over any given 24-hour period and so is invaluable to the ESB grid. In 2004, Turlough Hill became the Hydro Control Centre (HCC) for the entire ESB hydro fleet which contains 19 generators in total.


Turlough Hill_Infograph


Click the links below for more information relating to the history and technical specifications of the Turlough Hill station:

Original Turlough Hill PR Pamphlet

Original Turlough Hill PR Pamphlet

Turlough Hill 40th Anniversary Brochure

Turlough Hill 40th Anniversary Brochure

  1. Hi! We are a group of students of mechanical engineering from Spain. We have select this power station to do a research. We want to know the type of turbines, we know that is a pump-storage power station so we supose that is a Francis turbine or similiar, isn’t it?
    Thanks for the information.

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