Moneypoint aCounty: Clare
Fuel type: Coal; Oil
Capacity: 915MW
Status: Active
Commissioned: 1985


Moneypoint is one of Ireland’s largest generating stations. It utilises three Brown Boveri Turbines, each with a capacity of 305 MW, leading to a total capacity of 915 MW – around 7 million MW hours/year.

Coal is the primary fuel; however, Moneypoint also has two Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) storage tanks with a capacity of 50,000 tonnes. We use HFO as a back-up fuel if needed.

At full output, the station consumes approximately 7,000 tonnes of coal per day – around two million tonnes a year. We have developed extensive coal-handling facilities on site, including a deep-water jetty capable of accepting vessels of up to 250,000 dead weight tonnes and a 600,000 tonne coal storage area. (A typical coal shipment is around 140,000 tonnes.)

Moneypoint PR Pamphlet, 1980s

Moneypoint PR Pamphlet, 1980s

In 2008, we completed a major environmental equipment upgrade to ensure the plant complies with the strictest environmental requirements for flue gas desulphurisation (SO2) and selective catalytic reduction (NOx).

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