County: Roscommon
Fuel type: Native Coal
Capacity: 15MW
Status: Inactive
Commissioned: 1958
Decommissioned: 1993


  1. Have the ESB ever left a memorial or commerative plaque to honour the Arigna miners who worked the coal mines to produce the fuel that produced the power of electricity that warmed the homes of thos who knew little of the life of a miner and the conditions he endured and his subsequent mortality?

  2. Declan, you may know of the Arigna Mining Experience Centre which was developed to preserve the energy heritage of the Arigna Valley and to ensure that Arigna maintains its link with Energy themes: Past, Present & Future.

    ESB donated a selection of equipment from the Arigna power station to this Museum so that the link between the mining operations and the ESB could be featured as part of the Visitor Experience.
    This fascinating Mining Museum is open to the pubic – more details here.

    The ESB Archive was established to preserve and safeguard a historical record of our company’s main activities and operations. We are in the process of digitising our collection and recently started to share and make material available online on this website.
    We look forward to digitising and publishing more information and photos from Arigna and other locations as we work through our collection.

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