County: Kildare
Fuel type: Sod peat
Capacity: 40MW
Status: Inactive
Commissioned: 1952
Decommissioned: 1993


Allenwood station was designed to use sod peat fuel produced on the adjoining bogs at Timahoe, Co Kildare.

Construction of the station began in February, 1949, and the first generating set was put into commission in January, 1952. The second set was commissioned in September, 1952.

The boiler plant comprised four units, each having a normal output of 125,000 pounds of steam per hour. The generating plant comprised two 20,000 kW steam turbo-alternator sets of normal axial-flow type.

At it’s peak in the 1970s and 1980s, the average annual output of the station was 190 million units; the capacity of the peat store was about 30,000 tons; and the consumption of peat was 260,000 tons a year.

Allenwood PR Pamphlet, 1970s

Allenwood PR Pamphlet, 1970s

Allenwood station was demolished in 1994.

Click the image to the left for further technical information relating to the operation of the station.

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