How to create a free Microsoft account to access ESB’s vintage newspapers online

Step 1

Visit the Microsoft account sign-up page here.

Step 2

Click ‘get a new email address’.

Step 3

Choose your preferred email address – for example,

This is the email address you will need to register for access to ESB’s vintage newspapers.

Now choose a password, and click ‘next’.

Step 4

Make sure the country code is set to ‘Ireland’.

Enter your phone number.

Because you’ve selected a country code, you can omit the ‘0’ at the beginning of your number, i.e. enter ‘871234567’ instead of ‘0871234567’.

Click ‘send code’.

This code will be immediately sent to your mobile as a text message from a UK mobile number.

Step 5

Enter the four-digit code sent to your phone and press ‘next’.

Step 6

You now have an active Microsoft account and new outlook email address.

You will be taken to your Microsoft home page, where you can manage your account settings and access your emails.

Step 7

You can now apply for online access to ESB’s vintage newspapers with your new Microsoft Outlook email address.

please email us at with the subject  ‘vintage newspaper access request’ and provide your name, staff no, phone no and details of where you worked in ESB.