January covers of ESB Journal

View a selection of January covers 1959-1970 from our staff magazine ESB Journal,¬†which was published monthly by ESB’s Personnel Department.

ESBComputer Section, Data Processing, 1986

Computers in ESB in the 1980s

ESB was a pioneer in the early days of computerisation and quickly recognised the value of new technology in enhancing customer service. See our previous post about first IBM computers installed in ESB in the early 1960s. We’ve included a selection of IT related photos from the 1980s in our slideshow above. All, except one,… Continue Reading

Rural Electrification Colourised Images

Inspired by the colourised photos trend, we decided to join the fun and see what our favourite archive photos look like in colour. We have run our photos through open source software deOldify and are loving the results especially on our ESB branded vehicles. It feels like we are meeting our old friends again. If you… Continue Reading