Baby, 1986

Commercial depicting a father waking to feed his baby. Footage highlights how electricity enhances quality of life.

Going Back, 1988

Commercial depicting a son returning home. Highlights how electricity enhances the quality of life.

Dance, 1986

Commercial depicting a girl preparing to go to a dance, highlighting how electricity and electrical appliances enhance quality of life.

Night Storage Heaters, 1982

ESB television commercial regarding night rate heating and advertising the new ultra slim storage heaters.

Nightsaver, 1990

Television commercial with a catchy jingle, advertising lower night-time rates of electricity.

Electricity is Different, 1983

ESB promotional film depicting the various uses of electricity, its value for money and the benefits it brings to human lives.

You’re living in 1935

A selection of printed pamphlets published in the 1920s and 1930s, during the rollout of the Shannon Scheme.