Remote Control, 1998

Description: Television commercial featuring work of BAFTA nominee Oscar Grillo. The commercial features a toddler watching a cartoon of a dog using electrical appliances in colourful scenes. The child accidentally presses the TV remote and turns off the television. The toddler frowns in disappointment, but when his mother switches the television back on, his face… Continue Reading

Inishmore Electricity Supply

Connecting the Islands

We are currently researching electricity connections to Ireland’s islands. We will continue to add connection dates to our database as we gather more information. If you have information on a particular island that you would like to share, please contact The information below provides an overview of the supply of electricity to Ireland’s islands.… Continue Reading

Switched on, Plugged in, 1989

Educational documentary produced for ESB explaining the technical aspects of electricity generation and distribution and the contribution of ESB to Irish society.

24 Hours, 1992

Award winning film showing a typical working day for ESB staff and their commitment to customer service.

Nightsaver, 1990

Television commercial with a catchy jingle, advertising lower night-time rates of electricity.

ESB at the Tralee Festival

Staff from Tralee ESB District Office regularly took part in the parades and activities of the annual Tralee festival. View photos from 1969, 1984 and 1992.


The beginnings of the 1990s were still lean times economically and unemployment was high.  In the energy world there were worries about oil supplies as the first Gulf War took place and ESB faced a crisis with generating capacity being outstripped by demand. Huge capital investments were considered risky and Demand Side Management was adopted… Continue Reading