August covers of ESB Journal

View a selection of August covers 1958-1970 from our staff magazine ESB Journal, which was published monthly by ESB’s Personnel Department. Ferbane Generating Station vas specially taken for E.S.B. JOURNAL by S. G. Reeves, Public Relations Department.  Connemara by A. O’Toole, Drawing Office.. The front cover was designed by Patricia Lynes of Public Relations Dept,  Drawing… Continue Reading

ESBComputer Section, Data Processing, 1986

Computers in ESB in the 1980s

ESB was a pioneer in the early days of computerisation and quickly recognised the value of new technology in enhancing customer service. See our previous post about first IBM computers installed in ESB in the early 1960s. We’ve included a selection of IT related photos from the 1980s in our slideshow above. All, except one,… Continue Reading

Inishmore Electricity Supply

Connecting the Islands

We are currently researching electricity connections to Ireland’s islands. We will continue to add connection dates to our database as we gather more information. If you have information on a particular island that you would like to share, please contact The information below provides an overview of the supply of electricity to Ireland’s islands.… Continue Reading

June covers of ESB Journal

View a selection of June covers 1959-1970, from our staff magazine ESB Journal 1959: Our cover photograph of the Oil Refinery at Whitegate, with St. Coleman’s Cathedral, Cobh, in the background, was taken by S. G. Reeves, Public Relations Department.1960: Our covcr is a drawing of the New Offices and Showrooms in Fleet Street, made… Continue Reading

May covers of ESB Journal

View a selection of May covers 1959-1970, from our staff magazine ESB Journal May 1959  ‘Horsepower, was taken by staff, Sligo District Office. May 1960 Cover designed b to mark the occasion of Mr. Browne’s retirement from the Chairmanship of the Board. May 1961 Rathmullan Fort, Lough Foyle, Co. Donegal May 1962 Dresden Nuclear Power… Continue Reading

ESB Stock Issue, 1983

ESB advertisement encouraging the public to avail of the opportunity to invest in the company's latest stock issue.

Switched on, Plugged in, 1989

Educational documentary produced for ESB explaining the technical aspects of electricity generation and distribution and the contribution of ESB to Irish society.

Moneypoint Power From Coal, 1985

Documentary detailing the construction and engineering milestones of Moneypoint Generation Station, Co. Clare, ESB’s first major coal burning generating station.