March covers of ESB Journal

View a selection of March covers 1959-1970, from our staff magazine ESB Journal ESB Journal is available to view as part of our online vintage newspaper library open to ESB retired staff. Please visit March 1959.Carrier frequency telephone coupling equipment to 110 KV Transmission lines at Lough Allen, Arigna, ESB Journal, March 1959. march 1960, Rural Electrification,… Continue Reading

ESB Stock Issue, 1983

ESB advertisement encouraging the public to avail of the opportunity to invest in the company's latest stock issue.

Big E Campaign 2, 1976

ESB animated advertisement highlighting the value for money offered by electricity in the use of domestic appliances.

Big E Campaign, 1976

Animated advertisement urging customers to use energy wisely and highlights the value of electricity, in comparison to other consumer items.