May covers of ESB Journal

View a selection of May covers 1959-1970, from our staff magazine ESB Journal

May 1959  ‘Horsepower, was taken by staff, Sligo District Office. May 1960 Cover designed b to mark the occasion of Mr. Browne’s retirement from the Chairmanship of the Board. May 1961 Rathmullan Fort, Lough Foyle, Co. Donegal May 1962 Dresden Nuclear Power Station, near Chicago, USA May 1964 This year’s Spring Show brought a record crowd to Ballsbridge where the E.S.B. farm exhibit in the Simmonscourt extension again proved to be a big attraction. In our cover photograph by staff stand ready to conduct visitors through the Model Farm Bungalow, as the first of the Spring Show crowds make their way through the grounds. May 1965 “Baggot Street Blossoms” — early morning sun on the cherry blossoms in Baggot Street May 1966 Trailer on the final stages of an eventful journey from the Dublin docks to Bellacorrick with its 85-ton burden. May 1967 A view of Marina Generating Station.  May 1968 Part of the Board’s stand at the Spring Show, RDS May 1969 A new arrival casts a wary eye on one of our pylons. May 1970 Present stage of development at Turlough Hill. The level of Lough Nahanagan, on the right of the picture, has been lowered to allow for work in progress. The new reservoir will be constructed on top of Turlough Hill which looms in the right background. The Vale of Glendesal can be seen in the left background