Off Peak 2, 1979

ESB advertisement encouraging consumers to use electricity during ‘off peak’ hours in order to conserve energy.

Footage depicts the use of electricity in domestic and industrial settings. Narrated footage explains how customers can play their part in conserving energy by turning down heaters, switching of immersions  and using electricity outside the peak times of 11-1 and 5-7.

This was the second advertisement in the ‘Off Peak’ series. The advertisement was created to encourage ESB customers to conserve energy, in the wake of the 1979 oil crisis. The price of oil more than doubled and once again, long lines appeared at petrol stations as they had during the 1973 oil crisis, which resulted in a greater dependence on electricity.

Concludes with the slogan ‘use electricity wisely, use electricity off peak’

Duration: 00:00:36

Advertising agency: O’Keeffe’s Advertising’