Dance, 1986

ESB television commercial depicting a girl preparing to go to a dance. Advertisement begins with the girl getting ready; bathing and doing her make up, while her mother is frantically sewing and ironing her dress. The father is seen sitting, watching television. Her date rings the doorbell which is illuminated and arrives with a corsage and chocolates, and she is stood in her dress at the top of the stairs. Cuts to the couple dancing and the ad ends with the slogan ‘Electricity brings living to life.’

The brief behind the commercial was to show how electricity and electrical appliances enhance the quality of life, while having a strong emotional appeal. ‘Dance’ was one of a series of three ESB ads which included ‘Baby’ and ‘Going Back.’ The advertisement was produced September 1986.

Duration: 00:00:38

Music: Bobby Darin, ‘Dreamlover’
Director: Gerry Paulson
Advertising agency: Peter Owens Ltd