Baby, 1986

ESB television commercial depicting a father waking during the night to make a bottle for his baby. He is shown walking downstairs, switching on lights and heating milk, illustrating how electricity makes life easier. The advertisement ends with the slogan ‘Electricity brings living to life.’

The brief behind the commercial was to show how electricity and electrical appliances enhance the quality of life, while having a strong emotional appeal. ‘Baby’ was one of a series of three ESB ads which included ‘Dance’ and ‘Going Back.’ The commercial was produced September 1986.

The television commercial received a number of awards including, first prize for the most Outstanding Television Advertising Campaign at the 34th International Advertising Film Festival in Cannes, 1987; Best Television Commercial and Best Overall Advertisement at the WPA Awards, (Women’s Political Association) 1988; Film and TV Festival Awards, New York, 1987.

Duration: 00:00:40

Music: The Platters, ‘Only You’
Director: Gerry Paulson
Creative director: Declan Hogan, Peter Owens Ltd
Advertising agency: Peter Owens Ltd