Night Storage Heaters, 1982

ESB television commercial regarding night rate heating and advertising the new ultra slim storage heaters. Advertisement mentions the  ‘Guide to Electric Heating’ booklet available free at all ESB shops and concludes with the ‘Heat Electric’ motif. The heaters are depicted as being economical, clean and safe; no need to handle fuel or be exposed to dangerous fumes, with shots of a mother caring for her baby and a boy returning from school.

The commercial was transmitted as part of a major domestic space heating campaign to re-establish electric heating in the market place, through the use of television, radio and the national press. The key message of the  advertising campaign centred on, the reduction in the night rate and the launch of a new range of modern, slimline, more controllable storage heaters.

Duration: 00:00:30

Advertising agency: O’Keeffe’s Advertising