Nightsaver, 1990

Television commercial with a catchy jingle, advertising lower night-time rates of electricity.

Features footage of a family in their home waking up to the benefits of electricity, while lip syncing to the NightSaver jingle. The family are shown using electrical appliances and heating in the home.

The concept for the advertisement was to provide a catchy jingle, telling the consumer to wake up every morning to better value daytime benefits of Nightsaver electricity, which was working all night, washing dishes, drying clothes and storing hot water.

The advertisement was part of the TV, radio and press marketing for the Nightsaver campaign, launched by Domestic Energy Marketing. It brought across a simple and catchy way to the benefits which can be enjoyed by using the lower rates of electricity, at night. The campaign ran into mid 1991 and consisted of a series of 40 second and 20 second television and radio commercials.

The brief was to influence customers consumption patterns so the best use was made of generation capacity and also to lead to more efficient use of energy in a more environmentally conscious age.

Duration: 00:00:41

Mother: Orla Brady, (Mistresses, British Broadcasting Authority)
Father: Philip Bloomfield
Children: Graham Murphy, Olivia McCashin and Jamie McCann
Advertising agency: Peter Owens Ltd
Director: Greg Wheeler
Lighting/cameraman: Brendan Maguire
Cameraman: Seamus Corcoran