Rural photos from Jerry Corbett

Readers may remember that last year, Tony Corbett, son of ex-rural employee Jerry Corbett, got in touch with us to share his father’s rural memories and photographs. Luckily for us, he has now found a new batch of material from Jerry’s collection, and has very generously agreed to publish them online.

This batch of photographs provides additional context for the iconic rural gang image used in our previous blog post (shown here on left). The featured image above shows the same gang in a different pose, this time with Corbett taking the photograph, and the photographer of the previous image included on the far right.

We are extremely grateful to Tony and his family for access to these images. Such a volume of candid photographs from rural gangs on the ground are quite rare. By Tony’s estimations, the majority of this batch of photos date from c1941—1947.

Jerry’s photographic collection: take two

click any image to start slideshow


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