Capacity crowds at ESB, Fleet St, Dublin, Easter Tuesday 1961


On Easter Tuesday, 4 April 1961, record crowds visited ESB showrooms in Fleet St, Dublin.

Our staff magazine, ESB Journal, reported:

On Easter Tuesday some thing like a human avalanche descended on Fleet Street Showrooms. Capacity crowds are often experienced there, but never before had the doors to be closed to avoid further congestion.

The cause of the crush is attributed to a combination of the normal post-Easter peak, the fact that the Children’s Allowance was available on that date for paying accounts, and an imminent gas strike. Fleet Street experienced a colossal increase in business, especially in the sale of kettles.

It is expected that the new showrooms in Coolock, recently opened, and Rathmines, opening shortly, will ease the pressure on the Fleet Street office, as with the increase in demand for electricity, the volume of business flowing through these offices will continue to expand.