Pamphlet library: 1940s-60s

We have digitised 21 surviving rural pamphlets (1940s-1960s) and are delighted to launch our online library – click here to view all pamphlets.

Our featured pamphlet was published by the Rural Electrification Office (REO) in the late 1940s. It gives an excellent overview of the scheme, clearly explaining to rural customers how they could get electricity in their home, what they could use it for, and how much it would cost. The REO mascot, Johnny Hotfoot, features throughout.

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  1. I am impressed with this project. I moved to Ireland so it is always interesting to know the past and costume of the Irish Society. Usually the most of topic searched only are about music and politics. Here you can get a grasp on how Irish used to leave. I think that now having too much technology we are loosing important traditions. Again, many thanks for taking time doing this. It is important for the Irish heritage too.

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