ESB bill from January 1949

This bill issued to a customer following the connection of their home during the rural electrification of Termonfeckin, Co Louth.

customers first ESB Bill 1948

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The meter was read on the 16th December and the bill, the first for this customer, was posted on the 4th January, 1949.
This is a typical bill with 2 tariffs. One for electricity used ( 79 units in this case) and the other for the two monthly ‘fixed charge’  which was the customer’s charge towards the capital cost of bringing electricity to the house.

The 9 digit account number (7018 10 159, in this case) had an inbuilt geographical reference and was the format used by ESB for billing customers right up to 2005.


The dimensions of the bill are 8 inches wide by 4 inches high.  It was folded over and posted without the need for an envelope (see above).

Just before the first bill issued, customers also received a short letter explaining the meter reading, billing and payment process. (see below)

bill payment explanation letter from ESB

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And finally, below is the customer’s receipt for payment of the bill on 22nd January, 1949.



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