Updated gallery of transport images

Since our website launched in April, we’ve received a number of requests to share more images from our transport collection online.

We’ve been busy digitising, and have now added a number of archival images dating from the 1920s to the 1970s, which display a range of ESB transport vehicles, from heavy haulage machinery, to steam-powered trucks and even an early electric van!

The full gallery of transport images is available here.

ESB Morrison Electric Van, Registration 5444 ZA, 1970s

ESB Morrison Electric Van, Registration 5444 ZA, 1970s

Watch out for more transport images coming soon!

  1. What a collection of nostalgic snaps!Fascinated by the memories they stir.Are there any of the 1950’s vehicles to be seen in the “flesh”in your museum or collectors of vintage trucks warehouse? Worth seeing they were works of beautiful design and craftmanship.

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