Rural electrification: then and now

We used Google Maps to find the location of some of our most iconic rural images. Most are easily recognisable, admittedly with a few changes here and there!

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Dromiskin, Co Louth

A crowd of children gather to watch the connection of a house on Chapel Road.

Dromiskin was located in the Haggardstown rural area, or click here for more Louth rural areas.

Oldtown, Co Dublin

The first rural customer to be connected under the Rural Electrification Scheme was White’s Spirit Grocery in Oldtown, now the Oldtown House pub. Michael Lowry, then Minister for Transport, Energy and Communications, re-enacted the switch on during a ceremony to commemorate the 50th Anniversary in 1996 – with the oil lamp from the original photograph still given pride of place.

Oldtown was located in the Kilsallaghan rural area, or click here for more Dublin rural areas.

Rosses Point, Co Sligo

Another crowd gather to watch the connection of a cottage on the waterfront at Rosses Point beach, and an ESB employee using a pair of shoe spikes to climb the electricity pole.

Rosses Point was located in the Drumcliffe rural area, or click here for more Sligo rural areas.

Blackwater, Co Wexford

The now famous pop-up shop has gone, and the building façade has changed significantly.

The village of Blackwater gave its name to the Blackwater rural area, or click here for more Wexford rural areas.

Ballinamult Creamery, Co Waterford

Our 100,000th customer is easily recognisable!

The Ballinamult townland also gave its name to the Ballinamult rural area, or click here for more Waterford rural areas.

Rural sales van with poster on front advertising a demonstration in St Mary's Hall Mullingar in May 1954

Click here to view more images from our rural electrification gallery.

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